Tuesday, May 19, 2009

back from the past.

living history at boonesfield village

I'm back and finally recovered from the weekend. For some reason it always takes me at least a few days to recover fully after I come back from a living history event. This one was so much fun. It's really what I needed after all that silly internet drama. THANK YOU guys for being so nice to me! All your comments made me smile. There's always going to be someone who hates what you do and that's just the way it is. And that surely isn't going to stop me from having fun!

living history at boonesfield village

I haven't much time to blabber on today, so I'm just going to leave you with some images from the weekend. The event was held in a little village called Boonesfield and the time period was 1856. We had an election (where women were not allowed to vote, but a few of us women wrote in names and one actually got counted! hah!) and there was a lady's lyceum on women's rights. My friend Brandi spent months putting this together and it turned out absolutely fabulous. There was dancing, singing and banjos in the evening and throughout the day. And there was an array of candy and goods at Deborah's mercantile. I sometimes wish I could just live like this forever. It's nice to come back to the modern world, though. I do enjoy many of our conveniences. I never know quite how glorious a shower is until I come back from one of these events. I'd say the event was a total success and I'm eager to go back in time again. {Gosh I love being a nerd.}

living history at boonesfield village

{More images from the weekend here and here.}


Marjorie said...

Sigh......look like ever so much such fun!! :) Your dress and hair are so lovely!! :) I'm working (slowly) on a fan front 50's dress right now! Thanks for the inspiration!!

lissawi said...

Lovely pictures! I'm glad you were able to get some R & R this weekend!

Lindsey said...

Anna, your dress is darling! You look absolutely stunning - and super authentic - as usual!

sarahblank said...

Anna, this is beautiful (as always!)!! thanks for sharing~
and your dress is AMAZING!!! Ah!

Lil said...

What a great sounding weekend! Your dress is beautiful!

Shannon said...

Oh, I am GREEN! Looks like you had so much fun. I'd love to be able to nerd out like that. ;)

Elizabeth said...

I know you wow for quite some time from internet boards, S&S and LJ to name a few. I am sorry hurtful comments were made to you.Don't let the hate discourage you because, really most people are kind and good. You know the adage "One bad apple..." Don't let miserable people deter you from being the wonderful and talented person you are. And thank you for sharing your talents aaand hair on the internet. And I mean that in a good way :)

I have had meanies too and I just ignore them.

Sarah Jane said...

I am sooooo insanely jealous. Our events are just the mainstream and Farb Fest types. I wish I lived closer to the MO/Iowa area. :( You look stunning and it looks like a wonderful time!! Thanks for sharing these pictures. They really helped me get into the mood for reenacting this year. I've been in a disillusioned slump with it for the past few years.