Tuesday, December 22, 2009


bird tracks.

joanna coat :: dace

joanna coat :: dace

Lots to do these days. I've been getting my tired body up at 5:30am the last few days so I can get a few more things crossed off my lists. I'm not only taking off for Christmas, but my younger brother is getting married January 2nd (and um... still haven't made my dress for that yet...) and then after that I am going to house-sit for some friends. That will actually be fun, as I plan to bring drafting supplies to make some patterns. Been wanting to try my hand at this for years. We'll see if anything actually gets accomplished. I am imagining lots of laziness accompanied with loads of tea and coffee and hands filled with knitting needles. The house is a lovely Edwardian structure and they have a kitty! Also I won't have a car, so basically will be stranded there for a week, which is fine with me. It will be a nice "break," even if I will sort of be working while I'm there.


Casey said...

Oh my--you have been a busy bee, Anna! :) I just adore the photos you added to this post; they are so magical and fairytale-ish.

Can't wait to see what pattern goodness you accomplish during your house sitting stint!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

♥ Casey
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Elizabeth Ann said...

Oh, Anna - I love your coat! It's delightful!

even eve said...

so pretty. the stay in the house sounds nice. Tea coffee and knitting with the kitty trying to bite the end of your knitting needles.

passementarie said...

Oh have fun on your vacation! Sounds lovely. The coat turned out great!

ALFIE said...

LOVE! these photos! and being tucked away all cozy sounds just perfect!

Lindsey said...

Hope you have wonderful pattern drafting experiences and a fun house sitting week!

Anonymous said...

Just had to pop by and say I love that coat!!! :-)
~Laura S.

Anonymous said...
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