Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a surprise package from france!

a parcel from france!

a parcel from france!

a parcel from france!

a parcel from france!

a parcel from france!

a parcel from france!

a parcel from france!

Yesterday I walked to the post office in the blistering cold to mail off a check for rent and to mail the terribly high gas bill. Yes, it's officially that time of year and I am learning that it is a huge headache trying to keep a really old building warm. So I've moved my sewing machine into the little entryway and turned off the gas. That was a huge relief. And it's SO much cozier in here. So anyway, you can imagine how I felt after mailing those checks off. But then I went into the post office and looked in my box! There was a little orange key, which means there's a package waiting for me! I opened the box and discovered a parcel from...France! My dear friend Valerie whom I met through my blog, decided to just send me a package because she's awesome like that! You know sometimes you meet someone and you know right away that they are a kindred spirit? Well it was exactly like that when I met Valerie. Oh, no, we haven't "met" in person, but I know in my heart that we have. It is more than seeing a person face to face to meet them. She is sweet and kind and incredibly talented. Not to mention she has impeccable taste in everything! She sent over a beautiful shawl she crocheted, a box of French chocolates, beautiful pocket calendar, tea and last but not least, the most sweet, kind and lovely note that she wrote to me. I don't deserve such kindness!! Thank you again, Valerie. xo


martha said...

I feel so fortunate to have 'met' people via blogs. I just think of it as new age pen pals, then I'm not too weirded out by it. :)

That scarf/shawl is gorgeous.

boatx2 said...

God love Blog Friends!

I'm so glad you got a package to drown out the sound of money flying out of your pockets, haha. ^_^ Everything she sent you is just lovely.

Question: How does the entryway stay warm?

christinelaennec said...

That looks like such a nice surprise. I agree we can really "meet" people through blogs sometimes. I hope you're staying warm!

Casey said...

Aren't surprise packages from far-away blog friends the best?! I have been so blessed too by some of the lovely people I have "met" through blogs--it's always a lot of fun being able to connect with kindred spirits!

♥ Casey | blog

Kris said...

Wow, you're so lucky! I don't really crochet, except when a knitting pattern calls for it, but that shawl makes me wish I did.

P.S. I love your new coat!

Valerie said...

oh dear sweet friend... you did this... well i should stop writing cards late night, so my handwriting doesn't look so shaky !! haha !
xoxo to you & stay warm in your lovely cosy entryway