Friday, July 22, 2011

hiking at pikes peak

hiking pikes peak, iowa

hiking pikes peak, iowa

hiking pikes peak, iowa

hiking pikes peak, iowa

hiking pikes peak, iowa

A few weekends ago Jed and I decided to go on a little camping trip/hike. We originally wanted to go canoeing, but that fell through so we headed about three hours north to Pikes Peak instead! At one point on the hike I was joking about how freaky it would be to suddenly come across a snake dangling from one of the branches. Right after that Jed said calming, "speaking of the devil..." and there we saw this rather scary looking snake on a tree next to the trail. I'm no good with snakes! I have no idea if it was poisonous, but it sure looked like it was! When it really comes down to it, I'm just your average wimp. I could live without snakes, thanks! Anyway, we had a lovely time, despite the heat that day (we have no a/c in the car)! Maybe our next camping trip will include a bit of canoeing!


ecoMILF said...

looks gorgeous.

Elizabeth said...

For a minute I thought you meant pike's peak here in Colorado and couldn't figure out where on the mountain those pictures were from!

The snake (from the picture...) looks kind of like an eastern hog nosed snake. The worst you can get from them is a little headbutt since they don't bite. How big was the snake? They are generally about 2 - 3 ft as adults and have a huge range of colors.

Trish said...

What a beautiful place!x

Lindsey said...

Whoa, that's a big snake! I really don't like snakes - that's the one thing that keeps me from hiking more. They always seem to show up at my feet! Yikes! Glad that you survived the giant snake sighting. :)

mecamo said...

What a magical area! Even the snake looks good, so graceful sliding the tree down (or up, cant't see it well on the pic) so smoothly.
Have a wonderful weekend!

ryanfark said...

Ugh, creepy about the snake! One rainy morning I found a huge, thick black snake coiled on my apartment steps... Japan has so much weird wildlife that I'm not used to.

The hiking sounds fun! But those don't really look like hiking clothes, haha ;) as usual, you do everything with style!!


Anonymous said...

Kinda also looks like a Black snake aka Rat Snake. They're harmless and are actually protected in some states like my home state, Georgia.

This post makes me miss New York. Beautiful hiking up there.


J.asa said...

Looks like such a dream. Except for the snake. I'm glad you didn't die.